I’m starting with an important lesson in life – taking chances. And getting out of your comfort zone. About two weeks ago I was in Palm Springs at T. Harv Eker’s Wealth and Wisdom event. It was 3 days of amazing speakers, inspiration, and learning. As a HUGE fan of personal development, I was honored to be in the company of such talent as Harvey MacKay, Lisa Nichols, Barbara De Angelis, Les Brown, John Gray, and more. I was there representing Love by Design, and my part in this incredible event was to take the stage for a few hours in front of all the single participants, share some tips on attracting love into their lives, and host a gathering where they could mix and mingle with the other like-minded people in the room. Awesome plan, right!? (Thanks for initiating this, Harv!) I was especially excited to lead this as I remember vividly how many times my friends and I would attend a personal development event and wonder “Who else at this event is single?” “How do I meet them?” So Harv made it easier by gathering all these singles together, and I was given the opportunity to help them learn, connect, and possibly even make a love connection or two! How exciting!!

However….anyone that knows me well understands that I have the same fear that much of the world has… the fear of public speaking. Did you know that the idea of making a presentation in public is the #1 fear reported by people in the U.S.? A fear ranked even higher than DEATH! Geeessshh! So – what to do? Realize this is normal, and say yes to an amazing opportunity even when it scares you. Prepare, speak from the heart, share what you know, and go with the flow. It’s never easy the first time, and there is no perfection. There will always be pieces that could have been better, and mistakes that will be made. Yet embracing opportunities and pushing past your fears are vital parts of life. I met some amazing people, and watching them connect absolutely confirmed my belief that matchmaking is my passion. And if even one person in that room learned something, or met someone that accelerates their quest for true love, then it was absolutely worth it.

The moral of my first blog – Do things that scare you. Take risks AND take action! In the words of someone who inspires me personally – Gwen Stefani – from one of my all-time favorite songs (Whatcha Waiting For) – “Take a chance cause you might grow!”

Choose Love!