Love By Design

How We Can Help

One-on-One Coaching

We have a single goal – to help you find your happily ever after without shying away from the facts you need to know to be successful. And since each person and their dating journey is unique, our one-on-one coaching programs are designed to fit your individual needs. We get to know you personally, help you understand what is blocking you from achieving the life you desire, and how you can become the right person so you will attract the right person.

So if you’ve been dating unsuccessfully, and/or are somewhat timid (maybe scared to death?!) to dip your toe back in the dating waters, we will put you on your path to success!

Be in our CANDIDATE database!

To be in our completely confidential FREE candidate database register here. This makes you eligible for personal matchmaking referrals when/if you’re a match with one of our Clients.

If you’re interested in hiring a matchmaker or a dating coach, we’ll be happy to talk with you about your best course of action.


Personalized Soulmate Search

 This exclusive package is for men only and allows you to hire your very own Personal Recruiter for LOVE! We begin the process by searching our extensive internal database, then incorporate an outreach and selection process to everyone in our vast network, allowing us to target many that would not have been an option for you to date otherwise. High-quality people know other high-quality people! It’s a thorough and time-consuming process to find and fully vet exceptional candidates specifically for you, and we take that very seriously. Due to the exclusive nature of this package, we only partner with 8 clients at any given time.

The investment for this year-long package is a minimum of $25,000, and we only accept clients that we believe we can represent at the highest level. For more details on this package, contact us and we will reach out to you.