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This is our mission:

To bring more love into the world AND help you find the love of your life!

Meet Traci


Are you ready to get one step closer to finding the love of your life?! I’ve spent 20+ years in Human Resources, recruiting the right people for the right positions. I am an expert in the science of how to find, recruit, interview and hire the VERY BEST candidates for high-level positions.  My fascination with what makes people tick led me to acquire a degree in Psychology on the East Coast. All my professional experience has been centered on my strongest talents: how to read and connect people. 

I’m well versed in countless systems for profiling personalities, for understanding interpersonal dynamics, and for creating teams of people that work really well together.

As a recruiter, I also learned how to develop huge networks of exclusive, sought-after people. This allowed me to quickly get in touch with exactly the kinds of people I was looking for.


What else makes me unique? My personal mentors: Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra.

I spent 4 ½ years working as a Vice President with motivational speaker and success guru Tony Robbins. While recruiting top talent for Tony’s organizations, he taught me invaluable lessons about people, what motivates them, and what potential hides within each individual. I view this as a special sort of ‘secret weapon’ that helps me really see to the core of people and understand what works for them.

Spending all those years with Tony also resulted in a couple life-changing questions I repeatedly asked myself:

What do I want my life to look like?
What am I passionate about?

When my 8 year marriage resulted in divorce, I suddenly found myself in the midst of the ever-changing dating world all over again. This extensive personal experience back in the dating world ultimately led to a profound ah-ha moment. While my resourcefulness and large network provided me with many quality single people to date, the pattern that ultimately shifted the trajectory of my life/future became obvious. I began instinctively matching quality people that were not a match for me to other quality singles I knew. The results? Many happy dates, which often lead to successful relationships, engagements and even marriages! I had discovered a much more impactful and authentic use of my skill set. I found both my passion and life purpose. And Love by Design was born!

In addition to my work with Tony Robbins, I am extremely grateful and honored to be a member of Deepak Chopra’s Leadership Team for over 5 years. Deepak’s wisdom, knowledge and teachings have become an additional passion that I share with my clients as they embark on their journey towards happiness and finding their forever love.

I am extremely proud of my serendipitous combination of personal development, professional recruiting, coaching and highly developed intuitive skills. These skills all came together beautifully as my dharma, allowing me to successfully help others embrace their dating journey, feel empowered by the process, and ultimately find their happily ever after.
I am excited to do that for you!

Client Relations

Kristin alles

DIRECTOR of operations


People are what I know – relationships are what I foster! For those who know me, they would describe me as someone who is the glue that holds things together. I feel deeply humbled and blessed that my personal and professional journey has equipped me with the empathy and skills to deeply understand the uniqueness, beauty, and complexities of relationships and people – which often primes me to be the person that people go to for advice, encouragement, or just to help move them through a situation.

Professionally, I have spent the last 20+ years of my life deeply involved in the space of human development. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree from Cal State University, San Marcos with a degree in Human Development and an emphasis in Counseling. I have spent the last 10+ years as a Certified Human Resources leader, obtaining both my PHR and SHRM-CP certifications, and a Certificate in Human Resources Management from UCSD. Additionally, I extended my training and knowledge in the field of coaching and went through iPEC’s accredited coaching program where I received my CPC and ELI-MP to become a certified coach.

Personally, I love anything & everything around personal development. I am a sucker for any sort of personality test or training course (other people like to spend their money on clothes or travel, I spend it on online courses, training programs, or development conferences).

I believe in H.O.P.E – Honesty, Openness, Purpose and Evolution; I believe if each and everyone one of us lived in HOPE, we would all be able to live more authentic and intentional lives.

I look forward to the opportunity to work together!

Gallup Strengths: Empathy, Learner, Relator, Discipline, Developer

16 Personalities: The Defender “ISFJ”

Love Language: Acts of Service

Love Designer

Ashley Hicks



I’ve been working behind the scenes of LOVE by Design for the past few years and am excited to step forward in a more prominent role as Love Designer and Executive Assistant to the CEO. In my role as Love Designer, I thrive on utilizing my networking skills and introducing further quality people to LOVE by Design’s amazing circle.

My career has been in the nutritional supplement industry for last 10 years. I gain tremendous satisfaction in knowing that the quality products my company sells helps people live better and healthier lives. Always looking to learn something new, I’ve held many roles within my career including Paralegal, Human Resources Manager, Executive Assistant to the CEO and Sales & Operations Manager.

I joined LBD because I know that LOVE is a very powerful thing! That being loved and giving love can be magical…and that magic has a better effect on one’s health than any nutritional supplement. As Doc Chidre says, “A harmonious relationship with one you love can enhance your work, health and entire well-being.”

In addition to networking and helping people find that special someone, my interests include BodyRok SPX and kettlebell workouts, hiking Torrey Pines, spending time with my amazing friends and family, practicing Reiki healing, increasing my intuitive skills, personal development, reading and learning more about our abundant Universe.

Lead Recruiter

Molly stokas

love designer & lead recruiter


I joined LOVE By Design in January 2012. My role is Love Designer and Lead Recruiter.

I bring a wealth of public relations experience. My former PR and marketing clients have included companies across a variety of industries, including beverage, hospitality, travel and professional sports. I joined LBD to promote and work with clients who are looking for that special someone with the “wow” factor and brings out the best in themselves!

Since joining LOVE by Design, I’ve brought increased energy and creativity through my strong international background, familiarity with luxury lifestyles and ability to cultivate chemistry and strategic relationships.

I love helping clients connect with their soul mate. I encourage people to be themselves and create an honest dialogue with potential partners as that is an important key to fostering lasting relationships.

Always looking for unique ways to give back, I offer my PR and marketing expertise on a pro-bono basis to several nationwide non-profit organizations.