Episode 8 of GG2D adds a sassy new girlfriend in the mix! Everyone has one of these. You know.. that ONE girlfriend who just tells it like it is ~ whether you want to hear it or not. That voice that unapologetically reminds you of your truth. Enter Abby’s longtime wild-child, foul-mouthed, no filters, New Yorker friend, Jo – whom Jake deems “Auntie Trainwreck”. Wow.. she creates turmoil the second she arrives at Abby’s house and takes speaking her mind to a whole new level. She may sound terrible, yet Abby definitely has her in her life for a reason. Funny how we do that to ourselves, huh?

Hallelujah!.. I think? Jake FINALLY gets a job! Which brings to light a newly divorced couple’s challenge… childcare. Wait… but we used to do this… but now we’ve gotta figure out how to do this, and how DARE you not think about my needs first (says BOTH sides). Sound familiar?

Abby, you know I love you girl, but you get the Love by Design coaching this week! Yes, life is hectic right now. Did you forget that Jake will no longer be your “go-to guy” to help with the kids/crack in your house’s ceiling/computer crashing/work issues? You agreed to take the kids while Jake is working. Agreeing led to some confusion about what that “all” meant when Jake became busy. How did you fall apart so quickly? Putting your needs before Jake’s, even when you told him you would support his new job. YOU ridiculously run to his new job demanding he take the kids. YOU leave your phone on which rings in the middle of a scene that Jake is directing, on his VERY FIRST DAY! Lots of “YOU’s” going on here – get it together here girlfriend. I agree with Jake. He DID have your back for 10 years while you worked. It IS time for YOU to have HIS!

Hallelujah he’s moved on!.. I think? Have you had a Phoebe moment after a break-up? Becoming a little obsessed with who your ex dates after you? Phoebe covertly befriends her ex-husband’s (Ralph), new girlfriend, Carla. You know that internal question. “What does SHE have that I do not”? The answer for Phoebe was staring at her in the mirror.

We see a rare display of heartbreaking tears from Phoebe in this episode. This is a first for Miss Happy Go Lucky. What gives? Is she truly still in love with him? Is it jealousy? Or is it a lack of having her own identity at this point in her life? So many tough internal questions surface during a divorce….

At the big launch of Phoebe’s infant jewelry line, Phoebe was asked how she came up with her business idea. You’d think she would be triumphantly radiating over her accomplishments. Nope. She was distracted by Carla and Ralph in a loving embrace. Phoebe had her “look in the mirror” – that big “ah-ha” moment. That light switch moment that went from “ah-ha” to “empowering”. She walks away from the press and admits/declares to Abby: “My jewelry is stupid. It’s not me.” Damn it feels good to finally admit the truth, doesn’t it? And let’s just put that in the category of “So freaking what?!” We all make crappy decisions during life’s changes. Kudos to you, Phoebe, for realizing what isn’t your truth and chucking it – literally & figuratively. The girlfriends rally during Phoebe’s moment and chuck all Phoebe’s infant mannequins off the bridge. Chuck the old & bring on the new!

When you find your truth, something deep down inside of you knows it. A part of finding your truth is also realizing what DOESN’T work for you. Contrast creates clarity.Love by Design.

The night before Abby’s career make-it-or-break-it meeting for her new book, she reluctantly practices her pitch in front of her friends. They do what good friends should do, they call her out on being inauthentic/a sham/full of shit. This brutal, smack-in-the-face honesty is just what Abby needed to shake her out of her funk, and into a MASSIVE shift of finding and speaking HER truth. Instead of pitching “The 10 Divorcements: How to untie the knot without unraveling your life.”, she profoundly pitches a real life – it just happens to be hers. A partial list of which includes:

*A rebound affair with a much much younger man, whose body “JACKED. HOLY SHIT!”
*Spending the night with a male escort
*A teenage daughter and friends getting drunk with their vaginas
*Worry over a possible pregnancy with her estranged husband’s baby

BOOM! Damn, I bet that felt good!

“I can’t write another bullshit book. I need to be myself. I want to write about my divorce crazy shit. That’s my pitch.” Career saved! They love it! THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE!

When you speak your truth, even if you are nervous, you feel a release of anxiety. You feel good, strong and possess a sense of calm. This is based in the heart and has to do with feelings and your intuition. It is based in love.Love by Design

If you are irritable, aggravated and dissatisfied a lot of the time, you are not in alignment with your truth. When you are NOT speaking your truth, you feel struggle, drama, blaming, pushing and pulling,and you often spend time justifying. It is in the head and based in fear.

Let me repeat that… IT IS IN THE HEAD AND BASED IN FEAR! And since fear prevents you from growing and progressing, don’t stay there.

Both Abby and Phoebe successfully navigated from turmoil to truth this week… all with a little help from their girlfriends.

Trust your inner knowing ~ Find and speak your truth ~ Get on your path to true happiness.