What escapades did our favorite girlfriends encounter in Episode 7 of GG2D?

~ Breakups and makeups
~ Intense emotional swings/shifts
~ The ups and downs of navigating relationships that start, stop, and start AGAIN…
~ And teenage girl birthday parties complete with vodka tampons… wait, WHAAAATT? Can that possibly be a real situation? WTH goes on in the mind of teenagers?!

Sit down, buckle up, and prepare to ride the roller coaster!

Breakups are an emotional journey, and the healing process is windy, not straight. The truest path to healing is through embracing those emotions with an open mind and heart, and knowing that they are there to teach you something valuable. Only by first processing your emotions will you be able to truly release them.Love by Design

What goes UP, must come DOWN… sometimes with diamonds! Last week free-spirited Phoebe was happy and carefree like usual, yet this week she finds herself plagued with reality. Damn that reality thing! Her ex, whom she has a sex-for-gifts exchange regularly, has found someone he truly cares about. To add insult to injury, he informs Phoebe that he will no longer be sleeping with her, even with no strings attached. And here’s a diamond necklace as a parting gift. Ouch, I mean thank you? Up… and then down, down, down… to reality.

What goes DOWN, better freakin’ go UP….The award for most improved goes to Lyla! Last week, Lyla’s entire life was a wreck, culminating with a horrific loss of child custody. And although she was mostly absent from this week’s show, she gets massive kudos for TAKING ACTION to overcome her misery!! What did she do? She changed her approach, took a trip to Portland with her kids, had an ah-ha realization that she’s happy when her kids are happy, made contact with with her ex in a positive, productive way, and is finally “finding what makes her happy”. This week, for the first time, we hear an upbeat, possibly even optimistic, Lyla. Massive props to you for this immense and impressive shift from a down dirty low down… UP to where reality is actually really happy.

Up, down, up, down….Last week, Abby was swirled in new experiences and unique people in Vegas. This week she’s revisiting the unicorns of marriage after one night of under-the-influence “exceptional sex” with Jake. She is entertaining thoughts of the two of them having a third baby together, and is tormented by the decision of should-she OR shouldn’t-she take the morning after pill. Talk about an up/down down/up motion that went from the bedroom to potential disaster!

Sometimes a breakup isn’t the end of the story….

Roller Coasters? Not a fan. Theme parks? Nope. On the relationship front? Well, there’s something to be said for how we feel after the ride is over. Was it exciting? Were you scared? Did you throw up? Did you get right back in line to do the same thing all over again? Or is it time to find a new ride? It’s about how we feel during the “ride”… UP… then DOWN.

The best way to get rid of your pain is to feel it.

When you truly feel the pain ~ and go beyond it ~ you make peace with the past and create space for new experiences, new joy and new “UP”s. 🙂

Because at the end of the ride, there’s only one person in charge of your happiness – YOU!!