Every episode of GG2D delivers new experiences and breakthroughs for the girlfriends, and Episode 6 gave us a peek inside what some newly single women might think is a fabulous idea – ROADTRIP! Viva Las Vegas style! Uh oh! Here we go! Limo ride there + alcohol + some drugs + cocktails by the pool + gambling = Pandemonium that has been shaken/stirred/mixed and served up as a heavy dose of disappointment. Can we say hangover?

Cue the Las Vegas only appropriate quotes:
~ Pot goldfish are not allowed on my cleanse.
~ You must stop taking everything so seriously.
~ Lyla, we need to get you laid.
~ I’m a party downer.
(said immediately following an alcohol-induced barfing session)
~ We just need a new plan of attack.
~ Boom! There goes summer camp.
~ How is this fun?
(While losing at Blackjack)
~ You’re a gigolo?!?! (Let’s elaborate on this one…)

While solo and mowing down some pizza to counteract her heavy alcohol consumption, Abby is approached by a very handsome man, who she is instantly enamoured by – only to find out he’s a gigolo. (Are we really surprised? This IS Las Vegas!) What’s interesting though is that she continues to spend time with him after his true occupation and his “real” intentions are disclosed. As an eternal optimist, I choose to focus on what’s great. Abby sure did find some newfound wisdom – at a random place and with a random guy!

To quote Mr. Hottie Gigolo – “No one truly interesting is universally liked. I don’t ever want to lead an ordinary life. If people don’t approve, screw them.”

That statement seriously rocks!!! I mean, who knew Mr. Hottie Gigolo had some depth? I guess never judge a book by it’s “hot” cover. Somehow he made Abby feel safe and she admitted to a self-esteem slump and the ever-so-popular – “I care too much about what people think of me. I always have.” This particular piece of advice from Mr. Gigolo turns out to be very timely and useful! The words resonated with her and she repeated them verbatim to her advantage later during the trip.

You never know where… or from whom you will get some “hot” useful advice. Keep your mind, and ears, open!

Kudos Abby for listening, truly absorbing, and utilizing newfound words of wisdom. When you are on the lookout for good advice, even in unexpected places, you will find it!

My Love by Design good advice coaching this week goes to… yep, you guessed it – Ms. Lyla once again:

Sometimes we have to go through the worst to arrive at our best. Don’t let a hard lesson harden your heart.Love by Design

Lyla, in a heartbreaking divorce moment, was issued a reduction in child custody awarding 70% to her ex, with only 30% for herself. Let that settle for a bit; how would you feel? As a single mother, I can’t even imagine her turmoil.

During our darkest times, it serves us best to dig deep to uncover some sort of meaning in the midst of all of the agony.Love by Design

Sometimes ONLY when we are faced with the reality of losing what’s most important to us, do we make the changes necessary to become the person, or parent, that we truly need to be.

Sometimes we have to go through the worst to arrive at our best.

Life closes doors because it’s time to move forward, and many people simply don’t move unless circumstances force them to. However, sometimes a closed door causes them to run away. Jake experienced this with his post-divorce, is-this-a-rebound relationship

Jake’s young girlfriend wants their relationship to move forward, elevate to another level, “make love” versus “having sex”. She’s craving something more emotional and deep. Being flustered about this request for a higher level relationship, Jake agrees to see her shaman. A what man? Ok, he follows to appease her desires. At this retreat, the shaman questions a somewhat drug-induced Jake: “Is something fraudulent in your life? Are you ready to face it?” (Yikes..Stop and ask yourself that question!) To which Jake agitatedly replies: “I’m acting like I’m ok. I need to go home.” And in our final scene we see Jake and Abby hooking up… Uh oh…. Here we go…..

Because when in doubt… we run away.
Because in life our doors… will change.
Because in life… it’s ok to not be ok.