We’re trending! We’re trending! Abby’s dating marathon has people buzzing and “Why Aren’t You Divorced Yet” is trending all over the world!! What’s even more exciting is that it’s trending with the Queen Bee of Huffington Post, Arianna herself! On top of that fabulous news, Abby has been offered a position with Huff Po as Editor-at-Large. What does the Queen Bee Arianna and the world want? The divorce dating landscape….raw, sexy, uncensored! Abby’s successful career is BAAAACK and shaking things up all over!

Whose worlds are shaking by Abby’s written tales of dating?

  • Women – who are still married worlds! At a school fundraising meeting Abby is barraged with “Who’s the cheater guy?” “Date #5?” “One of our husbands is putting his penis on Tinder. Don’t we have a right to know?” As Abby stammers for an appropriate reply, a LMAO turrets speech by Jo emanates “…….It’s not her fault your husband is cheating on you… She’s a brilliant bad ass single woman entitled to screw as many hot dudes as she wants. If you don’t like it, suck it ladies” Some worlds were definitely shaken up with this tell-it-like-it-is outburst! (I literally watched this part three times!)
  • Lilly’s world – who has been put on the “Slut List” at school and Abby feels she “brought the Hall of Shame on to my family”. What we eventually learn is that Lilly actually put herself on the slut list because boys like girls who “do stuff”. Lilly is reminded that people are not always going to be happy with the choices she (or her mom) makes. Make choices that are right for you, not out of fear.
  • Jake’s world – who’s coming to the realization that he might not be needed, during the earthquake or otherwise…

Who else had their world shaken up this week?

  • Jo when she learns that her husband is a polygamist who has been living in Kentucky with another family for years.
  • Phoebe (aka Business Barbie) when she inappropriately and awkwardly kisses her new business partner, Marco after a successful presentation. An apology follows that goes something like: “It’s a tick. I’m working on it. Are we good?” Kudos to Phoebe for her constant self-reflection and ultimately realizing she needs to stop leading with “sex”, and start leading with “me”.
  • Delia who just can’t seem to get past her fear of a relationship. Ironically she discusses fear with Abby’s young son after the earthquake. He asks “How do you stop being afraid of something?” To which she replies, “Make yourself do it, then you realize you’re not afraid of it.” This seems to be an old case of do as I say, not as I do, as Delia’s fear ultimately prevails when she cancels on a romantic trip Gordon planned for them.
  • Abby when she realizes both Will and his book are phenomenal. “You are so talented, Will. I’ve been an ass. A douchey insecure ass. I panicked.” Abby’s fear of being used and fear of being rejected were both rearing their ugly heads.

Dating and starting over are often accompanied by fear and can feel like an earthquake. Your world starts shaking with questions like:

  • What if this person isn’t really who they say they are?
  • What if I choose the wrong person AGAIN?
  • What if I get rejected?

You instinctively look for somewhere safe to hide. Yet by acknowledging the fear and moving forward in spite of it, you empower yourself! So when that shaking dies down, come on out from your hiding place, assess the damage and face those fears.

If you never put yourself out there, you’ll never know what could be! ~Love by Design

In the wise, sassy words of one of my personal favs, Taylor Swift “I go on too many dates. But I can’t make them stay…..Shake shake shake it off…” So here’s to shaking it off no matter what rocks your world and whose worlds you shake. Keep it shaking girlfriends!