Full disclaimer: I’ve never blogged before in my entire life. I certainly do more than my fair share of talking, coaching and expressing my opinions. I’ve just never actually written it down for the general public to read should they choose to! However, with the birth of a potential new favorite show—Bravo’s Girlfriends Guide to Divorce—blogging might find its way into my already extremely active world. This show is insightful…and just funny enough…that I felt compelled to share what resonated with me.

Gathering my thoughts and getting it all out in a blog post has been quite the struggle for me today. Seriously, I’ve spent the greater part of today just trying to figure out if I’m doing it right. Then it struck me! That’s probably how many of you—divorced, stuck in limbo-separation-land, or new singletons having just come out of a recent break up—feel. Shoot, you may even just be in the throes of “Tinder Dating”, but you know what I mean. Being single presents its own fair share of new challenges and navigating uncharted territory.

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