Here comes a crash course in newly-single-and-learning-to-date again 101! Whatttt? I have to learn how to date??? How did I get here? How many “Abby’s” out there feel her pain?

I think this could be my favorite episode of GG2D yet! Abby’s new writing assignment instantaneously thrusts her into the ready-or-not dating world! Time to rebuild her career and prove herself by writing an article for Huffington Post about going on “10 dates in 2 days!”

This dating marathon begins with Jake complimenting Abby on how beautiful she looks, to which she replies “I’m meeting a Tinder guy for drinks.” Yes, you read that right, Jake her ex-husband said that! (Side bar: Tinder is a separate blog in and of itself that WILL be discussed in the future!)

A little advice to Abby as she embarks on this dating binge: Everyone you meet knows something you don’t.  And every date leads to more experience and wisdom. Even bad dates can be a great teacher. ~ Love by Design

So what “interesting” prospects does Abby muster up?

  • An extreme adventurer who believes a good first date involves jumping out of a plane
  • A father who brings his 4 kids because “they just need a new mom”
  • A ferret lover who actually brings one of his four ferrets on the date
  • A man whose online picture depicts him “with a bowtie on his dick”
  • A married dad from school whose wife can’t stand him, and he ends up disclosing to Abby they “stay together for the kids.” (*read below)
  • Aaaand last… and certainly not least. A recycled lover, Will – Abby’s “favorite mistake”!

Alot of A’s, huh? Here’s to your A game, Abby!

*Abby’s WISE words to the miserable husband – echos my own personal belief: “Who’s to say what’s best for the kids – divorce or two miserable parents. I’m so grateful to be unstuck. We were paralyzed. I didn’t feel brave. Everyone deserves to be loved without cheating and lies. And never being touched, that’s not a way to live.”

Why-O-WHY do we get sucked back into A recycled lover? Well…
1. He’s hot.
2. He’s makes her feel like a purdy pretty princess.
3. He’s hot.
4. If you are confused, re-read #1 & #3.
Ahhhhh…. I’ll kiss you as soon as I see you Will… hot, sexy, “are you asking me to sleep over? That’s a big step” Will. Yep, the one and only… and yep, the one and only guy post-divorce that made Abby feel like… just hot sexy Abby.

Upon seeing Will Abby replies: “I met a lot of guys and none of them were you.” Uh oh….Is it possible she’s falling for the youngster here? Beeeeee careful, Abby. Recycling can be dangerous!

After a passionate night together, while cooking breakfast Will shares that he wrote a book about his last time at Everest and asks Abby if she would take a look at it and share her thoughts. This doesn’t sit well with Abby, and when it’s followed up with “Will you pass it on to your editor if you do like it?” we see a visible shift in Abby. Here’s what great about Will – he notices her change of state, and immediately follows up with a “What just happened?”. A little sensory acuity goes a long way towards being successful in the dating world!

While Abby is on her dating marathon, Phoebe decides to go on a be more focused, grounded, and inspired marathon via life coach, aka “Doom Face”. Her coach imposes a “mancation” on Phoebe – NO DATING until she finds her own path. Is this even possible for our girl Phoebes? Time will tell, but thanks to some healthy introspection, Phoebe does have an ah-ha realization that when “it gets hard, I bail.”

Well, when you know better, you do better. ~ Love By Design

My LBD “do better” coaching this week goes to Jo! You are making bad decisions all over the place, and exactly what part of having sex on Abby’s couch with a completely disgusting guy did you think was ok – not to mention the fact that everyone, including your daughter, was at home? Who does that?! Boundaries… find them! Self-respect… get some! Friend appreciation… you have none!

Arguments between friends happen but no matter how serious the argument, real friends always find a way to make up. Our dating, learning, and growing girlfriend Abby takes time to impart some newfound wisdom about divorce on her friend Jo….”There’s so much good on the other side of it. Even my disaster dates were delightful. Because I am free to have new experiences and meet new people. Just to feel like anything is possible. The disaster is staying miserable because it’s familiar.” SO TRUE! Kudos to you 2 times this episode, Abby!

Wisdom is born in pain, and you are a shining example of finding the light at the end of the tunnel. Time to step out into the sunshine!

This week closes with a power declaration: “I am the new Abby McCarthy, and I say bring it on!”

What’s YOUR power declaration?! #FindYourself #NewBeginnings