Jodi Ross

Jodi Ross


I am thrilled to join Traci and Love by Design as the new Matchmaker/Love Guidance Counselor. In my role, I will utilize my expertise and skill set for identifying strengths in others, and I’ll begin with a focus on YOU….your talents, your qualities, and your unique potentialities. My gifts will also serve you, as I will actively be seeking a match who appreciates, has mutual respect for, and who is desirous of those same amazing qualities discovered in you. In addition to intuitive people skills, Traci and I share a contagious enthusiasm that couples beautifully with our desire and passion for facilitating and successfully shifting people to their best self. When we get together, it’s inspiring, and that translates to a powerhouse of energy and support in your corner!

For those who are interested in delving deeper, I specialize in and offer additional services in Astrological coaching/counseling. The personal insight and personal direction are invaluable. My skilled interpretation of individual natal/birth charts is a powerful and transformative tool used to reveal conscious and unconscious relationship patterns, motivations, and challenges, as well as internal conflicts often hidden outside one’s awareness. Simply put, what may be blocking love in your life and may take years to reveal in therapy, can be revealed in one session with an alternative and introspective therapy….astrological therapy.

I obtained my Bachelors degree in liberal arts at San Diego State University where I majored in English, honing my communication skills. Reading countless stories helped solidify my belief that we all craft our own beautiful love story, and it begins with us.

When the weekend rolls around, you’ll find me hiking, reading, party planning, DSD’ing (doing something different), spending time with my two roommates who call me Mom and who bring incredible joy to my life, enjoying old friends, and making new friends along the way. I’m looking forward to meeting wonderful you.