Dating Can Be Difficult.
LoveSHIFTING Was Designed to Simplify it.

Dating, and the search for lasting love, can feel overwhelming at times. The roller coaster of emotions that come with the false starts, attracting the wrong kind of person, and deciphering the confusing and often conflicting postdate signals we receive is enough to leave the most determined and committed of us reeling.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Has your journey to finding real, true, authentic love been.... Challenging?  Frustrating?  Confusing? 
  • Has your current dating situation left you feeling stuck, frustrated, or fearful? 
  • Do you struggle to understand what you’ve been doing wrong and how you can change it? 
  • Have you ever wondered why some people seem to find dates easily, yet you struggle to find quality people to date?  

If you answered yes to any of these questions and you’re ready to shift from feeling stuck and/or blocked from love... to shining authentically from within and attracting your forever partner... YOU'RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE. 

In working with thousands of people over the years, I’ve discovered patterns that consistently hold them back from finding the kind of relationship and love they so desire. Patterns like:

  • Building protective walls around your heart to shield you from further frustration and heartache, that instead prevent you from opening your heart to attract new love.
  • Habitually declaring that there are no good men available out there, when truthfully there are new love stories created every day around the world.
  • Or, proclaiming you’re too busy to date, knowing full well that when something is important, you make time for it, no matter what.

Witnessing many of my private coaching clients continually repeat these love-defeating patterns was my driving force in creating this heartfelt program.  I am excited to share the tools and tips I’ve learned as a professional matchmaker and dating coach to help beautiful women like you embrace, enjoy and thrive on their dating journey.

I invite you to leave the pressure-filled love-seeking world behind, and step into a unique mind-body-spirit approach that makes the process fun and easy.

It’s Called LoveSHIFTING and it Was Designed To Move Your Dating Journey From Frustrating To Fulfilling!

By making small shifts in your dating beliefs, attitude and habits, it’s possible for you to effortlessly attract big love through the melding of spiritual principles and proven self-growth and awareness best practices. It illuminates your path to finding your authentic self by helping you shift from the inside out. You will be guided through a process of cultivating stronger and more frequent feelings of self-love, acceptance, forgiveness, clarity and compassion.

It offers an easy-to-follow, concrete connection between spirituality and love, and in just four weeks, you will discover:

  •   A path away from the frustrations and low vibrations of past relationships to a higher vibration
  •   A better understanding of who you are
  •   An awareness of the mistakes you’ve made on your dating journey and a clear path to avoid making those same mistakes again

Here’s what LoveSHIFTING can do for you:

  •   Raise your vibration to better attract what you want in life.
  •   Develop a better understanding of yourself through a proven spiritual and holistic approach to finding love.
  •   Guide you through a process of consciously changing how and where you find love.
  •   Provide you with the tools necessary to learn a new way to relate to your love life and yourself, a way in which you SHINE authentically and effortlessly, every day.

Here's What Others Are Saying

Remy“Traci is like the Buddha of love. I met her at just the right time when I'd pretty much given up on finding a good man. Her knowledge on dating and men was enlightening. She gave me insights that shifted everything for me. With her guidance I felt like I had a little dating angel on my shoulder. She really helped me dust off the cobwebs and trust men again. Man o' man is she worth every penny!”- Remy, Los Angeles, CA

Alison"Traci, I'm crazy in love! I seriously never thought this was going to happen for me, but it has.  I owe you!!
When I began working with you I decided to CLOSE my mouth and OPEN my ears. I immediately started working on things you suggested and I can not explain how much those things have changed my life. I started making little changes within myself, the way I showed up on a date, and my basic day-to-day outlook on life. What I have gained is a relationship based on trust, honesty, respect, constant communication and more laughter than I've ever experienced with a man.  I am looking forward to a lifetime of happiness with Casey. I just wanted to say thank you again for making such a huge impact on my life."- Angelia, Boise, ID

Alison“Traci is the definition of a true coach. She never tells you what you should do, she talks to you, understands you and helps guide you towards your next step. The best part about working with Traci is that she always meets you where you are are in that moment. Over two years she watched me flounder with the wrong guys then supported and guided me to the decision that I was going to elevate my dating game. She was present with me at every step and always reminded me to forget about old stories or past pain. In working with her, I was constantly reminded that my journey of finding love was also about learning to love myself and that has become invaluable to me.”- Alison, Oceanside, CA

My Story

Here’s what inspired me to begin teaching about love and authenticity.  From a BUSINESS standpoint...My corporate career (for 20+ years) included being a recruiter, helping others find their perfect job... and coaching employees and managers on how to be their best selves at work.

My life went to an ENTIRELY new level when I accepted a position as a Vice President with Tony Robbins.   Tony is self-help author, motivational speaker and the success coach of all success coaches and my 4.5 years with him was LIFE-CHANGING.  For many reasons....

Lessons Galore:

I learned about limiting beliefs, the power of your emotions and your vocabulary, shifting your story, changing your approach.... And one of my personal favorites,  I learned about the importance of understanding yourself, what you are passionate about, and determining what you want your life to look like, then making that happen.  (It’s up to YOU!)  

And from a PERSONAL standpoint, while I was working with Tony, I found myself in the middle of a divorce, which was SCARY... I was stepping into the UNKNOWN, with massive uncertainty.  How would I make this work?  Being a single mom?  Having a big mortgage?  Alone?  I didn’t know how to do this. I was in financial and emotional turmoil and the fear was very real.  

I had to rely heavily on the tools I learned from TR.... In the most simple terms:  Recognize the fear, embrace it, and move forward in spite of it.   Focusing on your future and what you want your life to look like will serve you.

Fast forward to a year or so later and I’m back in the dating world after 8.5 years of marriage.... And as a big time networker and extrovert I thought finding quality people to date would be easy.  Boy was I W-R-O-N-G.  I tried every online site there was... I told everyone who would listen “I’m single.  Who do you know?”  I even went to a dating agency, where I paid thousands of dollars to get almost zero interaction with them and a total of 3 bad dates that were complete mismatches.

Although I was frustrated, disheartened and discouraged, I believe what was happening for me during this time was purposeful and guided.... When I went on dates, and the person wasn’t a match for me for whatever reason, my recruiting brain would shift to “who can I introduce this person to?” and as I began doing this more and more, I started having SUCCESSES... even engagements!  

It made me so sincerely happy when two people connected! A new friend, a great date, or an engagement... I loved being a connector.

I even went so far as to introduce my ex-husband to someone I adored and thought would be a great fit for him.... And guess what?  THEY GOT MARRIED!!!  People would say “Why would you do that?  Are you crazy?”  And my very sincere answer was “He is an awesome person, and he deserves another awesome person to love and be loved by.”  At this point I was like hmmmmm... I think I’m onto something here. So as I’m contemplating one of the questions Tony teaches... “What are you passionate about?”, it became glaringly obvious that I was passionate about helping other find LOVE, much more so than jobs!!  

So one day I was having coffee with my friend, Kathie, who is a Casting Director/Producer in LA, and I asked her if she knew Patti Stanger, from the Bravo TV show at the time, Millionaire Matchmaker.

She cautiously goes “Yeaaah..... Why?” and I said “I was thinking about approaching her to see if she wants to open a branch in San Diego.  She’s so successful in LA right now.”  And my friend replies “You don’t need her.  Just do it yourself.”  To which I replied “I’m a Corporate America girl.  I don’t know how to do that.”  And she says “Why are you making it so hard?  You’ve already been doing this!  Look at all your success stories!  It’s time to make it happen for yourself!”  


And that was my AH-HA moment.

I remember exactly where we were sitting at Starbucks. And in that moment I realized, I was making matches for free because I loved it. It made me happy. I love love. I BELIEVE in love. And I will step into the unknown once again because it’s for something I’m passionate about. And Love by Design was born. It’s so scary stepping into the unknown, yet if you really want something, you have to take the chance. You have to step out of your comfort zone. You have to get committed. And I promise you, love is sooooooo worth it!!

Finally, while meeting with a Business Coach about talking Love by Design to the next level, he asked me to compile a list of people I could network or partner with.  One of the names on that list was Deepak Chopra.

Within a couple of months, THEY “happened” to call ME to ask if I would help them recruit employees, which led to a role on the Executive Leadership Team.  (And I hadn’t even reached out to them!!  I believe this is manifestation at it’s finest.)  That was almost 6 years ago and the lessons I have learned and continue to learn from Deepak are tremendously valuable to me personally and... I get to share them with others on their dating journey.  I’ve even been lucky enough to teach the 5 Love Languages to the staff of the Chopra Center, and share my expertise to people worldwide through Deepak’s newsletters.   

Powerful teachings are plentiful:  meditation, present moment awareness, living and speaking your truth, the importance of recognizing and managing energy, and my personal favorite - inner peace.  When I finally discovered how to feel peace, INNER peace, my life changed drastically.  The Chopra Center is a gift to this world, and I am honored to share all that I’ve learned there with you.  

As my matchmaking business grew over the past 8 years, I came to realize that by helping only one person at a time, although rewarding, limited me as to the number of people I could help find love.  The invaluable knowledge and tools I had acquired over the past 20+ years I believe were meant to be shared on a much larger scale.  So thanks to a lot of hard work, and many brilliant mentors along the way, LoveSHIFTING was created.  I am excited and honored to share this knowledge about love, relationships, spirituality, and living from your true authentic self, combined with what I know works from coaching thousands of people..... With you!  Thank you for being a part of this with me, and believing that love is worth it.  #lovewins <3

Here’s What’s Included with the LoveSHIFTING Program

Separated into three self-paced, easy to follow modules LoveSHIFTING is filled with videos, audio recordings, reference materials and exercises to keep you motivated, inspired and moving forward on your journey.  These include:

  • Module 01:Discover the Authentic You Discover the Authentic You:  Learn what really makes you tick and who you are at your core!  You will learn what love language speak and how you like to give and receive love.  You’ll also learn about something that can sabotage you in all parts of life, especially your relationships - the words you choose!  When you become your true authentic self, you will attract your true authentic love of your life.
  • Module 02:The Power of Your EnergyThe Power of Your Energy:  You will learn about the power behind your personal energy, how your vibrations are contributing to the type of people you attract, and discover how you can make conscious decisions with your own energy.  You will also learn about the 7 chakras - the key points of energy in your body, and how to clear your heart chakra, and open your energy to love that may have been blocked.
  • Module 03:ead Down the Path to Your “Happily Ever After”Head Down the Path to Your “Happily Ever After”.  You will explore past relationships and learn how to let go of any negative feelings around those experiences. After letting go of what no longer serves you, you begin envisioning your future and creating a true picture of who you want to attract into your life!    

Plus, you when you embark on the LoveSHIFTING journey you will also receive these additional resources designed to support you in dramatically changing your dating experience:

  •   Guided Meditations:  Each module begins with a unique 3-5 minute meditation.  Meditation is key to helping you go beyond all the mind’s stories and conditioned beliefs about yourself, allowing you to truly get in touch with your authentic self, your inner knowing and offers a path to discovering who you truly are.
  •   Happy Couple Spotlights:  Happily in love married couples share dating distinctions that led to their success!  This special section was added to keep you inspired and help you learn from those who embrace and embody love, for themselves and each other.
  •   40 Ways to Bring More Love Into Your Life!  This list was created for you because any act of love brings more love into the world!
  •   First Date Do’s and Don’ts to Maximize Your Dating Success
  •   An exclusive “Love Chat” with Sara Harvey, the Chief Operating Officer of The Chopra Center on successes and struggles in both life and love.

What You Can Expect to Gain From The Program

  • An optimistic outlook on your future and the ability to understand your emotions, drive, and vibrations.
  • Discover how you can feel happy, confident and fully you, without worrying about the outcome.
  • An immediate internal transformation of feeling present, positive, aligned and happy, enabling you to attract high quality suitors to your life.
  • You will feel more centered and connected with your true self, which has a ripple effect on your job, family, health and even your finances.
  • Noticing a replacement of the usual self–criticisms, judgments, fears, and worries with greater self-compassion, kindness and self-love.
  • You will own your power, trust your instincts, and lead with your heart and intuition.



Money Back Guarantee

MoneyBackQuaranteeI want you to be incredibly happy with this special program.

If you feel it’s not right for you, you have 14 days to request a refund. Just send me an email, no questions asked.

Extra Love Bonuses

When you register for LoveSHIFTING, you will also receive these ADDITIONAL BONUSES designed to fast-track you into becoming a dynamic dater at no extra charge:


You will get access to my private Facebook group, for LoveSHIFTING members only.  I will be joining you every single week, live on video, because we all know that dating brings plenty of ups and downs, and I am here to help you with your shifts, give advice, answer questions, and provide inspiration.  You can also interact and give and receive feedback from your fellow Shifters!  #teamwork #wegotthis


This form was designed specifically for you, to keep you aligned with your values and focused on finding the person that is the right long-term fit for you.  When you recognize and eliminate patterns that hold you back in the dating world, you will begin to see a shift in the caliber of men you attract.



Money Back Guarantee

MoneyBackQuaranteeI want you to be incredibly happy with this special program.

If you feel it’s not right for you, you have 14 days to request a refund. Just send me an email, no questions asked.


Beth from Chicago

“Finding Traci is like striking gold! Our work together is a continuous inquiry into who I am, what I want in a partner, and what the next steps are to help
me be in the relationship I desire. Traci's expertise and gifted intuition has me approaching dating and relationships in a new and empowering way. Thanks to her expert and compassionate coaching, I met someone special! We are in an authentic, fun, pleasurable and intimate relationship. I am deeply grateful to her for helping me prepare myself. With Traci in my corner, I always feel anything is possible!”

- Beth, Chicago

“I always wanted to believe in true love, but nothing in my life convinced me that it was possible. You changed all that. Your intention for me to fall in love is one of the most nurturing, supportive experiences I have ever experienced. And what I never imagined was possible - falling in love with someone I adore who treats me like a princess - came true. I mean it came true in a snap! Anyone who works with you will be changed forever.”

- Julie, San Diego, CA


"Traci taught me to be patient, live my life and constantly strive to improve myself, rather than existing in the limbo of "waiting for love" and focusing on the mistakes I had made in the pursuit of love. Thanks to her coaching, I changed my paradigm and found true love. Everyone in search of a great relationship can benefit from having an exceptional coach like her! "

-Becky, San Diego, CA

Traci Porterfield

Traci Porterfield

Traci Porterfield is a Dating Coach, Matchmaker, Relationship Coach, and the CEO and Founder of Love by Design, a personalized matchmaking and relationship coaching service.  With a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, and over 20 years experience with recruiting and coaching, she founded her matchmaking company after years as a Vice-President with motivational speaker and self-help author, Tony Robbins, where she learned about the importance of getting clarity on what we want our life to look like and taking massive action to make it happen.  

She uses her serendipitous combination of personal development, professional recruiting, coaching and highly developed intuitive skills to help others embrace the dating journey, feel empowered by the process, and ultimately find their perfect match.

Traci is also on the Executive Leadership Team for Deepak Chopra and consults in the personal development world for clients like The Chopra Center, T. Harv Eker, Evolving Wisdom and more.  

She lives in Carlsbad, CA with her 14 year-old son, Cade and her shelter dog, Fergie.