This is our mission:
To bring more love into the world, AND help you find the love of your life!


In your everyday life, you see and hire experts on a regular basis… Doctors, lawyers, accountants, real-estate agents, personal trainers… You hire them because they have the right skills, education, training and network to help you with these important areas of your life.

If you were being sued, you’d hire a lawyer. If the IRS came knocking on your door, your first call would probably be to an accountant. That’s because these are very important things, with serious repercussions if you get it wrong.

What could be more important than finding the right person to share your life with? What could have more serious repercussions than finding the wrong person – or no one at all? I am an EXPERT at helping you find your special someone… The love of your life is out there RIGHT NOW, waiting for you. It’s up to you to find them… and we can help!

“What you seek is seeking you.”
~ Rumi

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CEO and Founder

Love by Design